m2wall gives your presentation an electronic boost! Provide your audience with an electronic wall to send their comments and questions to. You can then easily pick the most interesting ones to be answered to right away. Involve your audience with m2wall.

Presentations, conferences, trade fairs, sales events, lectures and even annual meetings of your housing cooperative would often benefit from audience activation. However, collection of comments and questions, not to mention arranging opinion polls can in many cases be slow and tiresome. And how to get someone to write down all the discussions?

How m2wall Works

1. Create yourself an m2wall account

m2wall is a browser-based service. Therefore, you don't need any software to start using it, apart from your browser. Register yourself an m2wall account at control.m2wall.com

Registration is free of charge.

2. Define an m2wall screen for your presentation

Create one m2wall screen per presentation. Select the appropriate visual looks and define the audience participation media: text messaging, Twitter and/or browser.

3. Open the screen and give your presentation

Show your browser view on the wall of you venue and open up your m2wall web site. Extend your browser view to Full Screen - and you're ready!

Your audience can send you comments and questions throughout your presentation. You can read them either from the wall or from the m2wall control panel on your device. Use control panel to activate polling, and the audience gets to see the voting instructions on the wall immediately.

After the event, you can download all the discussions and poll results into your computer using control panel.

m2wall Benefits

Multi-Channel Media

Your audience can participate your presentation either with their mobile browsers, sending text messages or using social media hashtags.

Commenting and voting is easy and fast; and no special equipment is needed.

No applications need to be installed into the phone.

Twitter ™ support

Facebook ™ support

Moderation Tools Included

Select either pre- or post-moderation of the comments; and hide/show the comments one-by-one.

You may also send your comments to the discussion as Moderator.

Comments Saved

Your audience can send their messages to m2wall service throughout your event; just decide which ones to handle immediately, which ones later. Everything is stored in electronic format.

Real-Time Voting

You can ask your audience to vote on any subject. This is an effortless way to collect opinions even from bigger groups. After the event you can naturally save all the votes in a single file.


m2wall FREE

  • Twitter and FB-authenticated Browser Commenting
  • Screens available for 3 hrs
  • m2wall logo present on-site

m2wall PREMIUM

99 € /screen
  • Twitter, Browser and Text Message Commenting
  • Browser and text message voting
  • Selectable and editable page templates
  • Your logo only

m2wall PRO

590 € /screen
  • All m2wall Features
  • Visual layout reflecting your brand
  • In case you continue using the screen beyond 1 month, additional months are charged 99e/mth

Prices shown do not include VAT. We shall add the VAT according to Finnish Tax Laws.

You become our customer simply by registering and opening yourself an m2wall FREE screen. You can then update m2wall FREE screen into a m2wall PREMIUM screen at any time.

Version Comparison

m2wall FREE version allows your audience to comment using Twitter and Facebook-authenticated web app. And did we say it's for free?!

Upon updating your screen into m2wall PREMIUM version you get to use all the additional functionality, too - and up to 5 days!

In case you need a fully tailored view for your screen or some special functionality there, please select m2wall PRO version.

Features m2wall FREE m2wall PREMIUM m2wall PRO
Twitter commenting XXX
Browser commenting w/FB authentication XXX
Anonymous browser commenting -XX
Text message commenting -XX
Moderation XXX
Polls -XX
Wall activity time 3 hoursmax 5 daysunlimited
Payment methods freecredit cards / online banks / billing †billing †
Wall layout templatestemplatescustom
Logo m2wall + yoursyourscustom
† = Post-paid available only for corporate customers

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